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Why Biobohemia
Biobohemia, Inc. is a preclinical biotechnology company focused on development of cancer vaccines. Our proprietary cell Antigenic Essence technology is behind the development of cancer vaccines against virtually any solid cancer. The company is progressing the development of both therapeutic and prevention vaccines.

SANTAVACTM — main Antigenic Essence product of our company. It carries desired antigenic properties of the entire cell while only occupying 1% of the cell content. Its composition is encoded by mass spectrometry for the precise targeting of solid tumors. SANTAVACTM enables targeted destruction of tumor vessels' endothelial cells, which leads to tumor vascular obstruction, disrupts tumor feeding and arrests tumor growth.
Focused on Solid Tumors
• Preclinical-stage antiangiogenic cancer vaccine company;
• Strategy: Repeat/complete missing non-clinical work and rapidly transition to FiH.
Antigenic Essence Technology Platform
• Cell antigenic essence desirable for vaccination against virtually all solid tumors;
• Technology R&D is largely completed.
Target Large and Unsatisfied Market Needs
• Initial Target = Metastatic Renal Cell Cancer (mRСC): 22K U.S. patients per year;
• Potential Target = All Solid Tumors: 1.7M U.S. patients per year.
Regulatory Strategy
• Investigational New Drug Applications (INDs) covering 2 products expected by 2022 (+2 more INDs to follow);
• Seeking fast track designation.
Strong IP Position
• Blocking patent in the U.S./Europe through 2032/2030;
• 10 patents, 11 scientific papers, U.S. trademark – SANTAVACTM
Seasoned Management Team
• U.S.-based leadership with experience in vaccine/immunotherapy development and operations;
• IQVIA – development and regulatory consultant.