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Shortlist of cellular cancer vaccines proposed for the upgrade according to antigenic essence technology

Shortlist is also available for download in pdf format.
1. Habal, N.; Gupta, R.K.; Bilchik, A.J.; Yee, R.; Leopoldo, Z.; Ye, W.; Elashoff, R.M.; Morton, D.L. CancerVax, an allogeneic tumor cell vaccine, induces specific humoral and cellular immune responses in advanced colon cancer. Ann. Surg. Oncol. 2001, 8, 389–401.

2. Vermorken, J.B.; Claessen, A.M.E.; Van Tinteren, H.; Gall, H.E.; Ezinga, R.; Meijer, S.; Scheper, R.J.; Meijer, C.J.L.M.; Bloemena, E.; Ransom, J.H.; et al. Active specific immunotherapy for stage II and stage III human colon cancer: A randomised trial. Lancet 1999, 353, 345–350.

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4. Dols, A.; Smith, J.W.; Meijer, S.L.; Fox, B.A.; Hu, H.M.; Walker, E.; Rosenheim, S.; Moudgil, T.; Doran, T.; Wood, W.; et al. Vaccination of women with metastatic breast cancer, using a costimulatory gene (CD80)-modified, HLA-A2-matched, allogeneic, breast cancer cell line: Clinical and immunological results. Hum. Gene Ther. 2003, 14, 1117–1123.

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