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About us

Biobohemia, Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on development of cancer vaccines.

Biobohemia's lead technology is cell Antigenic Essence production via proteomics and cell culture technology, and which is a deep upgrade of cellular cancer vaccines. Cellular cancer vaccines are among the first types of cancer vaccines to be tested. They use a straightforward approach based on the well-known principle of vaccination – vaccinate with what you want to develop protection against. The significant possibilities of such vaccines have been described, but none have yet passed the clinical trial stage.

Antigenic essence technology is the revitalization of cellular vaccination, as antigenic essence exhibits all the identifying properties of cancer cells while also allowing for control of composition, purification from ballast substances (cellular 'noise'), and evasion of MHC restrictions. Therefore, antigenic essence technology allows upgrading of already discovered cellular compositions, as well as creation new ones.

Our antigenic essence technology platform is behind the development of the potential candidates for cancer vaccine, under the brand name SANTAVACTM, that can be tuned against virtually any solid cancer. Our company is progressing the development of both prevention and therapeutic SANTAVACTM vaccines.
Executive Team & Board of Directors
Petr Lokhov, MD, PhD, Doc. of Sci.
Co-Founder, CEO, Chief Scientific Officer
• Head of Laboratory (IBMC);
• 78 scientific papers;
• Expert in proteomics and metabolomics, Expert of Russian Academy of Sciences (Post-genomic Technologies), HUPO member, AACR member, Member of the Metabolomics Society;
• Scopus Author ID: 6701757466,
h-index = 15.
Aleksey N. Krylov, CFA
President, Chief Financial Officer
• CFO SELLAS (Nasdaq: SLS, max market cap $60M, cancer immunotherapy);
• CFO DIH International ($80M revenue MedTech);
• VC/PE investor in health/life sciences;
• As banker, raised $700M+ in 44 life sciences transactions;
• MBA, Columbia Business School; BS in business administration, Babson College.
Elena Balashova, MD, PhD
Senior Scientist
• 54 scientific papers;
• Expert in cell biology & cell culture technologies;
• Scopus Author ID: 26662200300,
h-index = 10.
Steven Lichtenberg
Chief Operating Officer
• Former CEO of Biometric Robotics and Marvel Organics;
• M.Eng., Former researcher of laboratory "Terahertz optical technology" of Bauman Moscow State Technical University.