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Press release

Biobohemia Pushes Forward Antigenic Essence Technology in Released Paper

May 10, 2022
Biobohemia, Inc.
CAMBRIDGE, MA / Biobohemia's scientists share in a released paper ("Changing Landscape of Cancer Vaccines-Novel Proteomics Platform for New Antigen Compositions") the experience gained over the past year in advancing antigenic essence technology, including that related to relationships with contract manufacturing organizations, the upgrading of existing experimental cancer vaccines, and the legal and ethical aspects of the technology.

Biobohemia is a pioneer in work on antigenic essence, a new technology for the creation of cancer vaccines. Although this technology has been recognized as a promising platform for this purpose ("Cancer Vaccine Platforms", Report 2022), its novelty poses unique challenges. The released paper describes the experience gained by the Biobohemia team over the last year of work in this field.

Like many biotech companies, Biobohemia partners with contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs), which provide drug manufacturing services to companies in the pharmaceutical industry on a contract basis. "These organizations are quick to meet us halfway, offer their services, and communicate execution time for well-known technologies, like cellular vaccines or vaccines based on synthetic peptides," says Prof. Petr Lokhov, CEO of Biobohemia, but "requests for the production of antigenic essence usually confuse them."

However, the process of antigenic essence production is well known to any CMO dealing with cellular cancer vaccines. Generally, crude antigenic essence is always present in disposed waste. A CMO needs only to replace one reagent with its higher-quality analogue to convert the waste into antigenic essence suitable for vaccination. "This fact makes it possible to speak the same language as the CMO and significantly drive up the negotiations," states Prof. Lokhov.

"That's quite an exciting observation," he continues, "such simplification allows for the mass introduction of antigenic essence vaccines based on existing cellular cancer vaccines." As the history of such vaccine development spans several decades, the list of vaccines, provided in the paper, is long. Those that have failed in clinical trials and those still being evaluated include GVAX, CanVaxin, Lucanix, OncoVax, O-Vax, MelCancerVac, Melacine, VACCIMEL, M-Vax, ONYVAX-P, Gliovac, among many dozens of others.

The opportunity to see these vaccines and many others in an updated "antigenic essence" form excites the mind. "Just imagine how much despair the developers of these vaccines have," elaborates Dr. Balashova, co-author of the paper and member of Biobohemia's team, "reviving them as an antigenic essence at a qualitatively new technological level gives us all hope."

When asked how so much can be done, Biobohemia's scientists point to the consortium approach. Adepts of technology will move forward on a broad front. It is only necessary to show how, to support, to share the experience gained to make them confident in their successes. "That's what we're trying to do now," says Dr. Balashova with inspiration, "with the increase in scientists' confidence in antigenic essence technology, we expect a massive increase in followers."

To speed up the process of involving followers in the new technology and to make them confident, Biobohemia also considers the related legal aspects, as described in the paper. Legal issues are of concern for many existing experimental cell vaccines, as well as those that are currently being examined in clinical trials or are still in the R&D stage. Cancer vaccine development is lengthy and expensive, costing up to US$1.3 billion. The question arises of whether the appearance of antigenic essence analogues violates the rights of original cellular vaccine owners. Potential followers of this technology will find the answer in this paper released by Biobohemia. In addition to the legal basis of the application of antigenic essence technology, ethical aspects are discussed in the paper.

Biobohemia makes no express or implied claim that it can treat cancer at this time.


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SOURCE: Biobohemia, Inc.